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VB getting older - in 2008
Victor Bryant in 2008
- and getting older writing these Web Tutorials.

Background Outline
An odd mixture of science and art training. In 1951 started studies for first degree (chemistry and geology) at Queen Mary College, London. Also took evening studies in drawing at St Martin's School of Art, London and gained a scholarship to study there full time for four years for the National Diploma in Design - painting and printmaking.

Trained to become an official tourist guide lecturer to London whilst still an art student. First Museum Lectures were to tourists. Aside from painting and printmaking, a variety of lecturing and teaching jobs followed; tourist guide, chemistry teacher, drawing tutor. For many years lectured for the University of London Extra-Mural Department on various aspects of art history and techniques.

An early interest in clay sculpture at college led to an evening class in pottery. Bought first kiln. Some years later in 1969, when time and money allowed, enrolled on the Harrow Studio Pottery Course led by Michael Casson to learn properly the art of pottery-making. Earlier training in science and fine art proved an unexpected valuable asset. Developed a keen interest in glaze and body technology. Worked for a short time with David Leach. From then on has devoted much time to the craft of pottery in some form or another.

In 1972, soon after finishing at Harrow, built a ceramic workshop in SW France and for eight years made reduced stoneware domestic pottery from a local stoneware clay using a propane gas fired kiln and also a small salt kiln.

In the early 80's re-established a workshop at Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey, U.K. and developed a very different range of work largely based on long-standing interest in formal gardens and water associated with gardens.

Although not for many years a regular exhibitor, has joined in exhibitions from time to time. Much of the work made in Kingston has been architectural or garden orientated with direct sales or collaboration with gardeners and garden-designers and sales to the National Trust shops.

A point was reached in the mid 80's when a choice had to be made:

  1. Expand workshop, take on employees, manufacture garden pottery full-time, give up most lecturing and teaching,
  2. Continue potting on a smaller scale, continue university tutoring and lecturing.
The latter course was chosen and there have been no regrets.

Became a member of the Society of Chartered Industrial Designers and from the mid 70's until retirement in August 1994 was Senior Lecturer in Ceramic History and Ceramic Technology on the Harrow Course, which became part of the University of Westminster. Also a regular visiting lecturer at the Central School of Art & Design, London other art colleges and ceramic societies in the U.K.

A keen photographer since early teens. Built up a considerable personal collection of colour slide lecture material. This provides important illustrations for lectures and tutorials. Still gives lectures from time to time.

Contributed to art and ceramic journals and travel guide books in England and France. In 1980 advised/edited/contributed to the pottery section of the Reader's Digest Manual of Handicrafts.

From 1982 studied computer programming languages. Designed and wrote glaze calculations and ceramic chemistry information programs(PASCAL). Sold under the name CERAM-INFO-CALC II, this suite of programs was progressively updated until mid 90's and used on many U.K. ceramic degree courses.

Has never found the time to write the books he intended, but since the mid 90s became increasingly drawn towards the Web as an educational tool. Finds web page graphic techniques stimulate creativity. Prepares material for Web publishing on various aspects of ceramic technology and history as Web Tutorials. Continuing to enjoy photographing material for Web Tutorials and DVD videos.

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